Frequently asked questions

1.1 What can we expect from the FFUM 2021?

The FFUM consists of a trail section with technical routes, technical descents and river crossings. Th race course then becomes single trail village routes and jungle climbs through plantations before runners have long sections on village gravel roads including some very long climbs up to check points that are designed to break down even the most seasoned of trail runners. 

There are sections on asphalt road and village roads along this race course between WS2 and WS3 for about 10-12km.


1.2 What are the weather conditions like on the race course?

Weather conditions can vary in the night with cool temperatures at 24-27 degrees Celsius down to 21 degrees Celsius if there is heavy rain and strong winds and up to 33 to 36 degrees Celsius during the day light hours on a hot sunny day with very little cloud cover.

Heat stroke is the biggest danger on this race course can happen if one does not take sufficient precautions to be conditioned for the heat and are conditioned for the distance chosen.


1.3 Race Course profile, map and course data

Please refer to the "Race Information" page on the main menu. Please proceed to the Official FFUM Dropbox folder to download the GPX file.


1.4 Mandatory Kit Requirements for FFUM

It is important for all competitors to understand the risks involved in competing in the FFUM event as it involves technical jungle sections and exposure not only to the elements but also to mother nature where the weather can change very quickly in minutes from cool to cold, or from comfortable to the other end of extremely hot weather.

The mandatory kit list we have created is the absolute minimum but it does not mean runners should ignore the need for mandatory kit.


1.5 Water Stations/Check Points

Water stations are set up along the FFUM race course  are generally spaced apart every 10-12 kilometers apart on the average. Elevation gains and appropriate locations are selected along the race course to provide you with drinking water and access to a medical team.

Runners are, however, free to purchase soft drinks/snacks and food from shops and stalls along the route, ensuring a small payback to the local community. We encourage you to carry small change along.


1.6 Disposing of rubbish on the race course

Please dispose of your rubbish at the rubbish bins at the designated Water Stations.

Please do not throw rubbish on the race course.


1.7 Drop Bag/Finish Bag Logistics

All 90k runners will need to pass the organizing team 1 finish line bag which will act as their "drop bag" for the race before the start of their category at least 30 minutes before the event starts. As the half way point and finish point are in the same location, runners will have access to this 1 bag. All bag weights are restricted to a maximum weight of 5kg each.

For 50k, 18k & 10k runners, please pass us your finish bag at least 30 minutes before the start of the event at the event hall.

All bags must have an official FFUM bag tag attached with their race bib number. 

We cannot accept small plastic bags as a finish or drop bags.

1.8 Race Updates

Runners need to check the race information and updates section of the website for important updates from the organization. Important files and documents related to the event may be viewed or downloaded from the official FFUM Dropbox folder.

It is always the runner's responsibility to stay informed by checking the official FFTM Race Updates Page & Dropbox folder at all times for email updates especially if they do not follow social media and our Facebook group page.

1.9 FFUTM START Location

The official start area for FFUM is at Kampung Kiau Nuluh, off the Kota Belud-Ranau highway. The start area is at the village football/soccer field.

Location of actual start area: Location: 6 degrees 02'34.58"N 116 degrees 29'45.54"E


1.10 FFUM 2020 Tentative Start Times


90k: 6.00am Saturday 27th February 2021
50k: 6.15am  Saturday 27th February 2021

18k:.7.00am Saturday 27th February 2021

10k: 7.15am Saturday, 27th February 2021

1.11 Is FFUM 2021 awarding ITRA Points for this event?

Yes, ITRA points are awarded for the 2021`event for the 90k & 50k category of this event.

1.12 Are there accommodation options at the START venue?

For homestay options, kindly contact: 014-564 4599 (Guas Nabalu Homestay) or Madam Lily at 013-553-7047 for assistance.

1.13 FFUM 2021 Finish locations

90k: Kampung Melangkap Baru, Kota Belud district
50k: Kampung Melangkap Baru, Kota Belud district


Location: 6 degrees 09'55. 69" N 116 degrees 28'45. 70" E

18k: Kampung Tambatuan, district

Location: 6 degrees 07' 23.82"N 116 degrees 27' 11.69"E

10k: Kampung Lobong-Lobong

1.14 Food/Shower at the finish

90k: A post race meal and changing facility will be available at the finish line

50k: A post race meal and changing facility will be available at the finish line

18k/10k: No shower facilities or post race meals are provided for this category

1.15 Bus Service

The cost is RM50 per person per way (or RM100 for a return journey).

90k -The departure time is 3:00am on Saturday, 27th February 2021.
50k -The departure time is 3.00am on Saturday, 27th February 2021.
18k/10k-The departure time is 4.00am on Saturday, 27th February 2021.

Departure Points:

Penampang-ITCC main entrance facing highway

Tanjung Aru-Mega DÁru hotel

Downtown Kota Kinabalu (burger king opposite Hyatt Regency)

Drop off Points: 

Penampang-ITCC main entrance facing highway

Tanjung Aru-Mega DAru Hotel

Downtown Kota Kinabalu-Opposite Hyatt Regency Kinabalu/Sutera Harbour

Note:  is it important for a runner to update their bus departure point/drop off point if they wish to amend it at any point in time before the event. Final date to make an amendment is 15-2-2021. Please email us at if you wish to make a change. The organizers cannot be responsible for last minute changes as we must ensure we have sufficient mini buses to cope with demand and ensure we are not over loaded with last minute requests for changes so please select your bus departure points early. It is the runner's responsibility to check the bus transfer list in the official FFUM dropbox folder to ensure they are correctly listed for a departure/drop off point at all times.

1.16 What is the journey time from Kota Kinabalu to the Start Line?

The journey from Kota Kinabalu to the start line takes on average 2 hours on average.

1.17 Third Party Registrations

All runners may request a third party to collect their race kit on their behalf by downloading, filling up, and then submitting the form as well as all required documentation for registrations during the registration period. No registrations will be entertained after the registration center has closed except for circumstances beyond the control of the runner. All runners must must submit their identification (passport or Malaysian MYKAD) for inspection at the registration center. Indemnity form will be available for downloading 3 days before race pack collection date begins.


1.18 Registration Itinerary

Race Kit Collections:

To be advised closer to the event date. Please note race pack collection ends at 4.00pm on Friday, 26th February 2021 for all runners.

Terms of Registration & Race Kit Collections:
1) All runners must sign the waiver and indemnity forms and must produce legal ID or a passport.
2) All runners must submit a clear photocopy of their MyKad or Passport for our records.
3) All runners must have their racematix wrist band on for the start of the race until they cross the finish line. The wrist band remains the property of Racematix LTD. All runners must ensure they are scanned at the start line before the start of the race.


1.19 Mandatory Kit Inspection

There will not be a  mandatory kit inspection at the race pack collection for this event as runners should by now realize the importance of respecting the rules of the event and the mandatory kit list which is for each individual runner's safety. Random mandatory kit inspection will be carried out on the race course and runners found to be missing key items will be either penalized or disqualified, depending on the number of items missing and if the items  missing are a safety violation.

All runners are essentially responsible for their safety and success or failure during the event. Do not underestimate the weather or the technical difficulties of this race course and abide by the rules set by the race director.


1.20 Reflective Vest for FFUM

A reflective vest that is visible at night when light shines on the vest from a reasonable distance.
This is mainly a safety precaution to ensure runners are clearly visible to motorist, but also to ensure that if a search and rescue is necessary, the search team will have a better chance of identifying individuals and runners on the course especially in the dark or during adverse weather.

1.21 Food Stations

1 food station will be open for 90k runners at Melangkap (half way point) as they pass through the half way point of the race and they will have access to their drop bag. 50k runners will have access to a meal at the finish line.


1.22 Race Course Marking Tape

Yes, FFUM is a course guided race with the use of both red/white day marking tape and red/white night markers with reflective strips that is visible to headlamps in the dark.

The marking tape will be spread out over the race course every about 5-10 meters apart on jungle and village trail sections and 10-50 meters apart on village road/asphalt road sections of the race course.  We will also utilize signage at junctions to assist you along the race course. We will use a combination of normal and reflective marking tape on the race course for the night sections of the race course. Some road sections may utilize signboards to help guide runners instead of markers.


1.23 Finisher Medals & Results

Finishers medals will be allocated to all competitors who enter the race within the normal registration period and complete their category and race course for the 10k,18k, 50k and 90k within the stipulated cut off times.

Official finisher tee’s are issued to all 50k and 90k runners who join the race within the normal registration period and finish the race within the stipulated cut off times. This does not include Cat C as  event tee and finisher tee are not available due to the low entry cost.

All runners who are officially registered for the event must  start and finish the full race course in order to be an official finisher. 

The tentative race results may be viewed at as the event progresses and as runner’s finish the event as the data from the finish line is uploaded to the results server. 

Final results and e-certs are only approved and released within 7 days of the finish of the event once all results are verified.


1.24 Designated sleeping areas 90k

Runners may do at at designated water stations if they feel they need a short nap or a break along the race course either at WS4,  or WS7.  


1.25 River Crossings

The race course will include only 2 river crossings throughout the race.


This will depend on the river levels on the day of the event and an assessment before the start of the event. As it is now the dry season, rivers are dry and it should not be a problem to cross.


1.26 DNF/  withdrawing from the course

All withdrawals must be at a water station, and you must  inform the timing officials at the station, and surrender your race bib and timing chip wrist band to the marshal. Runners will be transported off the race course in batch's and this may require a wait before your turn to depart as we will do so at intervals.

1.27 Music + Headphones during FFUM

You may utilize a music player with headphones. However, no headphones or music should be used/switched on when on a highway or road along the race course as you are unlikely to be able to hear the sound of a oncoming car or vehicle and this can be dangerous to your safety. 

1.28 Your Mobile Phone is an Emergency Device

You should carry a mobile phone at all times but ensure it is stored in some form of zip lock plastic bag to ensure it is protected from heavy rain or river crossings.

Your mobile phone is your emergency communication device between you and the organization so always ensure:

1) Sufficient battery is available for the entire duration of the event

2) Your ringer should be set to HIGH/Maximum and you should be able to hear your phone ring at ALL TIMES in the event of an emergency and the need for the organization to contact you.

3) Switch off your data and conserve your phone batteries if possible.(i.e switch off email/social media updates and log out to conserve battery)


1.29 Lost on the race course

Firstly, keep calm, and back track to the last marker you saw visibly. Take a good look around at the area in front of you as you may have carried on running past a junction without realizing it or mistakenly taken a wrong turn.


If you still cannot locate a marker and believe you are lost, you may:

1) Contact the race organization via SMS first. Inform them of your BIB number, your location (i.e. between CP5 and CP6). Inform them of any important thing important that can help them identify your location or identify how or where you have gone wrong (i.e passed village hut with blue roof 20 minutes ago). Wait for a response via SMS or they will contact you.

2) Try to explain to them where you last saw the previous marker and how long ago that was (i.e5/10/15 minutes ago while you ran/walked). They will talk you through the steps you need to do/take to get back on the correct path.

3) The most important thing is not to panic. The other most important thing is to follow the instructions given to you by the race organization if they decide they need to proceed with more urgent steps to assist you.


People do get lost. But more often than not, they backtrack and locate the previous markers and then realize they made a mistake and get back on the correct trail. The most important thing is if you do not see a marker after 5-10 minutes, you should be alarmed and backtrack till you spot the previous marker. 

1.30 Runner Protocols

All runners must ensure they have their timing chip wrist bands on at the start line before the start of the event. No timing chip wrist band means you will not be an official runner in the event


Always ensure your race bib is facing forward and visible to marshals as you arrive at a check point. Do not place your race bib on the side of your hips, or on your back or tucked away in your jacket. Runners found without their race bib numbers may be penalized or disqualified.


Always ensure you are at the start line at least 10 minutes before the start of your category.


Ensure you bring food/drink to consume on your journey to the start line or at the start line if you are worried about the early morning start.


You must ensure you start the event with your mandatory kit. Any runner found running without mandatory kit will be penalized heavily for missing items. Runners caught running without any kit will be disqualified and removed from the race course.


No pacers or ‘ghost runners’ are allowed on the course. Runners are NOT ALLOWED to receive any assistance from non-competitors on the race course at ANY POINT along the race course for all categories.


Friends and family may watch you on the race course at designated check points but may NOT provide food, drink or assistance such as replacement shoes or gear. This is an advantage over other runners and is not allowed.


If you are the registered runner, you are the person who should be starting. We do not allow or condone unofficial bib swaps without the approval of the organization. If you choose to do an illegal bib swap, you are not only breaking your agreement with the organization but also with the person who should be racing which also means we are not liable to assist, support or provide any finisher items to you.

Runners found to be abusing or harrassing race marshalls, officials or volunteers may be disqualified. We take a dim view on these sorts of actions. The correct method to file an appeal or complaint is to email the organizers and to state factual information as well as official bib number and name of the runner making the appeal/complaint within 48 hours of the end of the event. All emails should be sent to: 

We do not entertain complaints/appeals via social media or watsapp. Any abuse of this process may see a runner disqualified immediately without warning so please follow the protocol for appeals/complaints if you have an issue with a fellow runner or would like a review of your results.

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