Mandatory KIT


The following compulsory equipment must be carried from start till finish during the race for safety purposes. Compulsory equipment MAY NOT be picked up or deposited along the race course, including from the halfway drop-bag of the 100 km. Random spot checks will be performed along the course, and the top finishers of all categories will be checked at the finish lines. Time penalties or disqualification will be strictly enforced according to the schedule below.


Please note:  For Race Pack, we allow "bum bags" for those who prefer this as long as it has sufficient capacity to carry all compulsory equipment. For headlamps with built-in rechargeable batteries where spares cannot be taken, we will allow this and exempt from carrying spare batteries if both headlamps are with rechargeable "fixed" batteries with sufficient capacity to last a 12 hour period. It is ultimately the responsibility of the runner so ensure that the batteries can last a full night. The red or white blinking lights are a separate item (cannot be the headlamp or spare lamp), and must be fixed to the back of the pack and on during dark hours.


Basic Medical Kit: For treating minor wounds and injuries and should contain some antiseptic, gauze, some self adhesive dressings and small elastic bandage (preferably the cohesive type). A blister kit is also recommended.


Additional Optional / Recommended Items.
The needs of competitors vary with fitness and abilities. It is the responsibility of each competitor to assess his/her own abilities and requirements for a safe race. Below is a list of additional items beyond the compulsory equipment for consideration.

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