The race
The Race


The Four Feathers Ultra Marathon is now in it's second year since it's inception with new challenges and a new experience at the foothills of Mount Kinabalu. The event takes runners from the northern native villages at the foothills of Mount Kinabalu and around the mountain.  

The Route


The route has been designed as a "fast race" course for the first half of the route with 2 challenging hills to overcome for the 90k & 50k categories whilst 18k runners will enjoy a trail run within the beautiful jungles in the foothills of Mount Kinabalu with a lower altitude gain and loss unlike other races with a different goal in mind; to give trail runners and runners who love the sport a mix of flat terrain and challenging climbs (and descents) with a greater emphasis on running. This race course will have technical jungle sections as well as a combination of steep terrain and technical trail sections, and the weather, usually hot in the first part of the day and with a good chance of tropical showers in the afternoon, often add to the challenge. 

Race Categories & Entry Fees


FFUTM categories include a 90km, 50km, Ultra distance routes and a short 18km distance trail runners to choose from.  The 18km technical race course is designed for novice to intermediate trail runners while the 90km and 50km routes are are designed for experienced trail runners wanting a new challenge and already have the necessary skill sets and experience of trail running and are able to take on the brutal Borneo heat under very challenging conditions.


age Categories


Age categories for Four Feathers Ultra Marathon 2021 and minimum age requirement to participate by category:

  • 90km / 50km -Men Open/Women Open (minimum age-21)
    (Prizes are awarded to the top 3 finishers of the event and by gender)

  • 18km Men Open/Women Open/Youth Male/Youth Female (minimum age-12 with guardian/16 & above without guardian)

  • (Prizes are awarded to the top 3 finishers of the event by gender and by men/women open only for all age groups) 

Race Schedule

Official Registration times/race kit collection times/location for Four Feathers Ultra Marathon 2020:

​Not available at this time


Tentative official start times for the event by category:

Not available at this time

Drop Bag/Finish Bag Option:

Runners should only bring 1 finish bag (which will act as a drop bag for the 90k runners) to the START line. All finish bags must have a FFUM Bag tag containing your bib number on it when depositing the bag. All bags should be dropped off at least 15 minutes before the start of the race please. Bags will be transported to your finish line location for you to collect after the event.

Food stations:

Race Bib Swap/Downgrading/Upgrading:

Not available at this time

Official Start Location:


All categories will start the event at Kampung Kiau Nuluh football field, in the Kota Belud District


Location: 6 degrees 02'34.58"N 116 degrees 29'45.54"E

Official Finish Locations:


90k & 50k runners finish at Kampung Melangkap Baru, Kota Belud District. 

Location: 6 degrees 09'55. 69" N 116 degrees 28'45. 70" E


18k runners finish at Kampung Tambatuan, Kota Belud District. 

Location: 6 degrees 07' 23.82"N 116 degrees 27' 11.69"E



10k runners finish at Kampung Lobong-Lobong, Kota Belud District 

Shuttle Bus Information

An optional shuttle bus service is available for transfer from 4 locations in Kota Kinabalu to the start line.   

Bus Transfer Option: RM100 per person (return) KK-START-FINISH-KK

Finish point for FFUM 20k: Kg. Tambatuan.

Finish point for 50k & 90k: Kg Melangkap Baru.

Shuttle Bus Departure Times/Dates/Categories to START location:

Not available at this time

course maps,
profile & data

90km (88.9k actual)

Elevation Gain: 3084 meters Elevation Loss:  3730 meters

90k FFUM 2020 Overview-3-WS.jpg

50km (47.5k actual)

Elevation Gain: 1892 meters Elevation Loss: 2539 meters

50k FFUM 2020 Overview-with WS.jpg

18km (17.47 actual)

Elevation Gain : 597 meters Elevation Loss : 1247 meters

20k FFUM 2020 Overview-2-WS.jpg

Terms and Conditions

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