Basic Race Rules

IMPORTANT: This is a self-sufficient style race whereby runners are responsible in completing the race within the set cut off times and dependent on their mandatory kit to complete this challenge. 

1. You must complete the marked course on foot under your own power. Trekking poles are permitted.

2. You must stay on the marked course at all times. Short cuts are not permitted. If you get lost return to the last sighted marking or check point.
3. Your race number must be worn visibly on the front of your shirt facing forward at all times. Loss of a race bib before, during or at the finish line of the event may mean disqualification.
4. The racematix timing wristband must be worn throughout the race. Loss of the timing wristband means an immediate disqualification from the event.
5. You must check in at each water station (W) OR checkpoint (CP) with the checkpoint officials to get scanned. Failure to do so will mean you have not completed the race course and you risk disqualification or not being ranked.
6. Cut-off times are imposed at some of the aid stations (see information in the course data table for your category). You must LEAVE the aid station no later than the cut-off time to remain ranked on the race course. The cut-off time is counted in hours from race start.
7. Course sweepers are following behind the last runner and removing the markers. If you are towards the back of the race, make sure you do not step off the course and let the sweepers overtake you as the markers will then be removed and you may not be able to follow the course.
8. To withdraw from the event during the race, please do so at  a designated Water Stations. You must clearly inform the race officials of your intent, and your wristband and race bib must be returned to the marshall. A runner may not change their mind after they have handed over their race bib and removed their timing wrist band from their arm as they would have been confirmed as having withdrawn from the event. 
9. You must carry the Mandatory Gear at all times during the event. Random gear checks may be performed during the event. Any participant without mandatory gear may be penalized with a time penalty and in severe cases, disqualified and stopped from proceeding on the race course. Runners missing key items from their mandatory kit may be disqualified from the race, regardless of their finishing position.
10. The wearing of headphones for music players is permitted except when you are running or trekking along public main roads for safety reasons.
11. Always walk on the right side with traffic coming towards you on larger roads unless advised by the course marshals.
12. If you need First Aid help on the course you must use the emergency phone numbers provide for the race (printed on your race bib) to contact event organizers. It is important to note that because of the remote locations of this event, any medical evacuation will take time.
13. Please do not litter.  All litter should be carried to the next water station where it can be disposed off. Runners caught disposing rubbish on the race course will be disqualified.
14. Prizes are awarded to the top 3 finishers in each category by gender only and not by age group.
15. No outside support (food/drink/replacement of gear and equipment) is allowed in this self-supported race on the race course from start to finish. You should carry some small amounts of cash so you may purchase food and drink from local shops when necessary or possible.
16. Support crews are not permitted to run with or pace runners or follow runners with any motorized vehicle. 
17. Any tampering with course marking or other actions that are deemed against a fair and sporting spirit is unacceptable and will result in disqualification or heavy time penalties.
18. The race director reserves the right to delay the start time, bring forward the start time, modify the race course if necessary be it to extend the distance or reduce the distances and/or modify the cut off times at any point in time between the launch of registrations and the end of the event for either critical reasons or safety reasons.  The race director also reserves the right to cancel the event if necessary, to postpone or move the event  to a later date due to circumstances beyond his control.

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