The Four Feather Ultra Marathon (FFUM) 2021 is an extreme self-supported outdoor road and trail race that is designed for both road and trail runners who understand the risks associated with participating in such an event. By registering for this event, participants understand that:

  1. Participants are responsible for ensuring they understand the distance they have selected, the cut off times, the route profile, and acknowledge they are responsible for their success or failure in the event.

  2. Participants acknowledge that by participating in such an event, they accept that the route is challenging and endeavour to train sufficiently for the distance selected and will be conditioned and prepared on the day of the event. They also understand and accept the risks in participating in such an event in a natural surrounding and they are therefore exposed to the elements and the dangers of nature.

  3. Participants understand that medical response to emergencies may be slow due to the nature of the event and remote locations of this event and any medical evacuation will take time.

  4. The organization reserves the right to withdraw the privilege of participating in this event if an individual is found to be acting against the spirit of the race, be it in any of the following:

    • Cheating

    • Illegal bib swap

    • Removal of markers or change of signage directions or anything relating to interfering with the event route guide markers or signages

    • Throwing of rubbish on the race course

    • Abusive behaviour or the use of foul and abusive language be it verbal or written in public or on social media

    • Acting against the spirit of the event by making false claims on social media or other media platforms using either persona social media accounts or fake social media accounts

    • Participants who are found to be acting against the best interest of the event and may not be able to participate in the event and may not be able to claim a refund. ​

  5. Minimum age requirements:

    • 90km: 21 years or older on race day.

    • 50km: 21 years or older on race day.

    • 20km: 12 years or older on race day (must be accompanied by an adult/guardian)

    • 10k-10 years old with adult guardian (1 adult for every 5 children)

  6. All participants are responsible in ensuring they are medically fit to participate in this event and do not suffer from any of the medical conditions stated below.

    Competitors suffering from any of the medical conditions stated below are not allowed to participate in this event:

    • Congenital or rheumatic heart conditions

    • Hypertension

    • Myocarditis and other heart conditions

    • Coronary heart disease, coronary arterial disease o Serious arrhythmia

    • Diabetes (**refer to race organizers for more information)

    • Vertigo

    • Any other major diseases that can be aggravated by running in extreme conditions and/or under extreme weather

    • Contracted Covid-19 infection within 14 days of the event date

  7. Competitors agree to adhere to the set registration times and to make their way to the designated START locations before committing to the participation in this event.

  8. This event may allow for third party registrations or third party race bib collections.

  9. All competitors must provide a photocopy of their National Identification Card or passport to the organizers before the event.

  10. Please note the logistics of transporting participants who request the bus transfer option from Kota Kinabalu to the start venue may differ from other event organizers.

  11. It is always the participants responsibility to understand the event rules and event concept before registering for the event, rules and regulations of the event, registration and start times of the event by category, and to ensure they make their way to the start line ahead of the start of the event with sufficient time to spare. Participants are also responsible for understanding the various cut off times of the event and to adhere to new standard operating procedures in light of Covid-19 for all participants.

  12. No refunds can be issued to participants who fail to participate in the event or whom withdraw from the event after the 7-day cooling off period after registering and paying to participate.

  13. Participants agree to abide by any adjudication by the race director, which will be final.

  14. Supervised collection of finish line bags for all categories will be done at the race start venue up to 15 minutes before the start of each category. All finish bags must have an ID tag provided by the organizer for the event attached to each bag. The organizers will not accept a bag from an individual without the ID tag attached. All participants may submit 1 finish line bag per person weighing no more than 7kg.

  15. Competitors understand and accept that the organizers reserve the right to postpone and to organize the event on a new date by giving notice to all registered participants in the interest of safety if there are mitigating circumstances that warrant a postponement to a new event date. If a cancellation is necessary, due notice will be given in the interest of health and safety and the event will be replaced by a virtual run events.

  16. Competitors when registering for this event understand and accept the organizers reserve the right to postpone the date of the event to a future date and that no requests for refunds will be entertained in light of the need of a postponement or a need to convert the event into a virtual run event. Runners will be allowed access to a fair number of virtual run events as fair compensation for the cancellation of the physical event.

  17. If there are unusual circumstances that warrant the event being postponed a second time or cancelled, the race director reserves the right to cancel the event and to issue all participants the items promised via participation in a virtual run event or events which will include:

    Items promised include:
    (i) Event Tee
    (ii) Event Finisher Tee (if applicable)
    (iii) Event Finisher Medal


  18. All runners travelling to the event are requested to purchase travel insurance for protection against flight delays, loss of baggage, event cancellation and as necessary. The organizers cannot be responsible for claims of flight and hotel bookings in the event the event is cancelled or postponed for reasons beyond its control.

  19. The organizers reserve the right to change or to modify the event race course if necessary either for one or more categories if there is a safety or unusual circumstance that warrants a modification to the race course route design including change in designated start and finish areas. The organizers will try to inform participants in advance and to try to provide new maps/course data/GPS software to aid runners, but if the change is necessary at the last minute or during the event, runners may be verbally informed and updated on the change of route and distance if it warrants such a modification.

  20. Participants accept that they are prohibited from bib swapping or transferring race entries to another person without the express permission of the organizing team. An illegal bib swap or illegal transfer to a third party other than the person whom the race bib is registered to may result in a disqualification from the event.

  21. All appeals for the event must be filed within 24 hours of the end of the event via email to We cannot entertain social media appeals or appeals made via 3rd parties. We can listen to verbal complaints provided it is done in a calm and collected manner and based on facts and correct information. However, the final decision to investigate a matter will be decided upon by the event director who has the final say on all matters of appeal.

  22. This event is organized by Avta Sports Sdn Bhd.

  23. are responsible for providing the timing service for this event and providing third party assistance in monitoring the movement of participants during the event only. Racematix are not responsible for the final decision making and final results of the event. All matters relating to time penalties and adjustment to final finishing positions rest solely with the event director.

  24. Participants agree to adhere to the mandatory kit list provided and to ensure they have with them at all times during the event the set mandatory items for their wellbeing and safety. Any runner found missing key items from the mandatory kit list may be penalized and could potentially be disqualified if key items are missing.

  25. Participants agree to standard operating procedures introduced by the organizer on advise by the Sabah Trail Running Association for Covid-19 which may include the purchase by participants additional items for the safety and wellbeing not only of the participant but also the members of the organizing team. Failure to adhere to the list of items to be added to the mandatory kit list and to carry these items for the event may result in disqualification and inability to participate in this event.

  26. Participants who are showing symptoms related to Covid-19 are requested to inform the organizers and to withdraw from the event if necessary before the start of the event for the wellbeing and safety of all concerned.

  27. It may be mandatory for all participants to sign a pre-event health and safety declaration form in advance in order to participate in this event. Failure to do so may result in the disqualification and participation in this event.

​*by clicking on the "I AGREE WITH TERMS AND CONDITIONS" checkbox above, you are agreeing with the Terms and Conditions set above. Please select the correct option when registering and paying as we cannot issue refunds once payment has been made for wrong selections.