Avta Sports

Evolved from Sabah Adventure Challenge as an organization, the founders of trail running and the sport of ultra trail running in Malaysia in 2009.  Avta Sports Sdn Bhd is a fully established company in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

We have now established Avta Sports Sdn Bhd as our primary company and currently organize the annual:


Our expertise

-Event Race Course Design for road or trail races

-Risk Assessment Evaluation of event race courses

-Race Organization and Support for events

-Manpower in logistics and transportation for events

-Race time management 

-Primary or secondary leadership in organizing an event based on the needs of a sponsor or organizer who engages us to organize a specific event

Founded in 2000, Sabah Adventure Challenge began organizing the award winning 3 day Sabah Adventure Challenge in 2000 and till 2016.


Past organized events​

-Sabah Adventure Challenge 3 Day Adventure Race 2000-2016

-Pathfinders Adventure Race Series 2001

-Sabah Sprint Triathlon-2000

-TMBT Ultra Trail Marathon 2011-2016

-BUTM Ultra Trail Marathon 2013-2016

-Hasuu Tasuu Trail Run 2013-2016/2019

-Beaufort 60k Ultra Marathon 2011-2020

-Labuan Ultra Marathon 2019

-Borneo Death March 250K Ultra Marathon 2012/2016

-Four Feather's Ultra Marathon 2019-2020